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Tanaka Koki

Name: Tanaka Koki
Native name: 田中聖
Also Known as: Tanaka Kouki
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Male
Born: November 5, 1985

Koki Tanaka (田中 圣) (November 5, 1985), is a Japanese singer, rapper, actor and radio host. He joined the Johnny's Entertainment in November 2008 and is part of Johnny's KAT-TUN. Outside the band, Koki has put on a comedy duo, together with his bandmate Nakamaru Yuichi called TaNaka, a name created by the union of the Tanaka family name and the name Nakamaru.
Koki is also a designer, being a very artistic guy. In many of their concerts he wears clothes designed and sewn by himself. For the concert "Queen of Pirates" in 2008, he bought a large white sweater, pants and a hat that he stitched and "redesigned" to make them better suited for the concert.
He attended college and among the members of KAT-TUN he certainly is the most educated. Shortly after the formation of the group, Koki said he wanted to leave JE to pursue his studies, but Johnny Kitagawa of Johnny's Entertainment has not given in to him.
Koki says that if he were a child again he would rather study, study and study. It 'was voted as "father" of the group, as he is very protective, especially towards his younger brother, also a member of the JE.
He co-hosted the variety show KAT-TUN and currently leads the radio program "KAT-TUN Style" along with Junnosuke Taguchi.